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Enterprise Level Membership – The Benefits

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Enterprise Level Membership – The Benefits

As an enterprise level member you will enjoy exclusive benefits including but not limited to –
  • The capacity to offer your member organisations exclusive access to set up their organisation’s profile page which will enable your member organisations to take advantage of PPA’s community of practice and its associated benefits – including, advertising events , job vacancies and services, access to training and uploading articles
  • In addition, your organisation will be able to set up 5 ‘ wild card ’ profile pages for the services of their choice, for example, Mi NETworks , PAT , the lived experience forum and the carers forum
  • Choice of ongoing, rotating advert situated on the PPA home page
  • Unlimited items sent through our home page news feed
  • Take advantage of our consultancy services and fine tune your organisation’s business . PPA will deliver a total of 26 hours exclusive troubleshooting over an agreed timeframe .  We will help your organisation - 
1 . Create social media storyboards.
2 . Develop targeted email marketing campaigns.
3 . Improve your online visibility.
4 . Workshop your business strategy , productivity and spending.
5 . Identify innovative and creative solutions to workforce and marketing challenges whilst minimising financial waste , resulting in a new and cost effective business approach.
6 . Identify the best industry approved education and training to facilitate you, or your staff’s career goals and aspirations.
7 . Set-up, build and implement new business ventures using PPA’s online platform.
8 . Plan your next event…PPA can assist with all your pre-planning needs, utilise our experience and networks to help you make your event a success.

  • Present and promote your webinars – connect with your audience and we will look after the hosting for you, this exclusive benefit is valid for 4 webinars per year
  • Blogging is a powerful tool and we have the audience to promote 2 priority blog postings to a social media following of 15,000 and growing
  • Building your workforce?  Advertise vacancies and internships for free to our members
  • Advertise your product in the PPA marketplace
  • Keep Members of Parliament informed by contributing to the PPA’s biannual updates to State and Federal Ministers
  • Your staff will gain unlimited access to our World First attributional tools
  • Training – receive discounted pricing with our Registered Training Organisation and enjoy the benefit of Recognised Prior Learning (RPL) . RPL allows you to control your internal spend, limit your compliance and mapping needs, pay only for student completions – not enrolees, develop relationships with RTO providers based on performance not partnership, co-brand certificates , minimise risk
  • Access to unlimited linked profiles for the staff of your moderator organisation

Professional Level Membership – The Benefits

Professional level membership offers your organisation exclusive benefits, some of which are – 

  • Receive 12 hours of PPA’s consultancy services including -
1 . Complimentary coaching to source the best industry approved education and training for you or your staff’s career goal.
2 . Utilising the PPA online platform we will help you set-up, build and implement new business ventures.
3 . PPA lucky dip – strategic planning, career aspirations and workforce solutions, social media planning - you choose what your PPA workshop will focus on and we deliver the solutions.
4 . Event planning – conferences, webinars – PPA will help you incorporate best practice event management principles to ensure your next event is a huge success.

  • Advertise with the PPA marketplace, by uploading unlimited pamphlets about your education and training or other services
  • Your staff will receive unlimited access to our world first attributional tools
  • Access to five linked separate profiles to the PPA community
  • Keep Members of Parliament informed by utilising the PPA’s biannual updates to State and Federal Ministers

As an associate level member of the Professional Practice Academy you will enjoy benefits including:

  • One hour of complimentary coaching per annum, exploring the best industry approved education and training to facilitate you, or your staff’s individualised career goals
  • Up to five hours complimentary advice and support per annum to help set-up, build and implement your new business ventures using the PPA
  • Up to three hours PPA support – you choose, approach us to talk about your business needs, strategic challenges, career aspirations and workforce wish-list.  Together we can explore how PPA can work for and with you
  • Unlimited upload of education and training and other product “pamphlets” into our online marketplace
  • Guest blog spot featured on the PPA website
  • Opportunity to inform the bi-annual community services update/promotion targeting State and Federal shadow and incumbent ministers
  • Access to one instance of the attributional tool of your choice per annum

If you are currently studying or have just graduated – don’t panic, PPA will help you imagine your future and realise your career dreams.

Becoming a member of the Professional Practice Academy is easy and affordable for students and offers many benefits, including:

  • Two hours of career advice through our student mentoring program –
  • PPA will work with you to:
  • Fine tune your resume, cover letter and interview skills
  • Source and win internships with our member organisations and associates
  • Ensure your social media platforms are work-ready for viewing by potential employers
  • Author a blog and be featured on the PPA website
  • Source volunteering opportunities
  • Contribute to the bi-annual community services update/promotion targeting State and Federal shadow and incumbent ministers
  • Sit our world first attributional tool for free
  • Receive student discounts
  • Network, network, network, by joining PPA you will connect with other students and industry professionals

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